Stubborn Dogs

How to Deal with Stubborn Dogs

Is your dog unwilling to follow commands, and you are facing difficulties by going to train it for new skills? Those kinds of dogs who prefer to do things on their own rather than humans trying to train them are considered Stubborn dogs. These dogs can not be handled easily. Maybe you who are reading this are also such a stubborn dog owner who goes through so many hardships in dealing with your strong dog. In this article, we will provide you with guidance on how to properly understand the behaviours of Stubborn Dogs to handle them, train them, and deal with them in the right way.

 1. Understanding Stubborn Dogs

1.1 Characteristics of Stubborn Dogs

Have you ever seen some dogs with Stubborn characteristics? If so, you may identify that those Stubborn Dogs have some unique characteristics. Teaching them something is so hard as they don’t follow your instructions or ignore the commands. Sometimes, when you ask them to come in, they never come in but run here and there without listening to your words. Also, when you go for an evening walk with your dog, it never becomes calm and silent but barks at everyone and acts violently. You become helpless when you can’t handle them. These are some common characteristics of Stubborn dogs.

1.2: Reasons Behind Stubborn Behavior

Though we identify the characteristics of Stubborn dogs, we never think about the reasons behind Stubborn behaviour. Now, let us explore some reasons for the stubborn behaviours of dogs. The most common reason would be their breed. Several breeds have highly stubborn and rude behaviours, and a dog in such a breed also possessing stubborn behaviours is not a doubtful fact. Another reason would be their level of training. Some dogs may not have gotten proper training and not understand what you are asking them to do; because of that, they may have stubborn characteristics.

Another important reason would be their past unpleasant memories. Maybe they never got love and care, and the past owner may be ill-treated, and as a result, they become stubborn. Lack of love, care, attention, and affection may have a great impact on their behaviours. So, having a good understanding of these factors helps us to deal with Stubborn Dogs.

2. Effective Training Techniques

2.1: Positive Reinforcement

When your dog doesn’t listen to your words, several things are there to impress them. One thing is, once they do the thing you asked them to do, appreciate it. You can reward it with its favourite snack. Then they start to follow your instructions because they know they receive something they prefer after doing the task. It is like a force for them to follow the instructions, and finally, they get used to that, and their stubborn qualities also can get away from them. So, don’t forget to appreciate your stubborn doggie friends whenever they do good things.

2.2: Consistency in Training

If you give up your effort once your dog is ignoring your commands, then you can never train your dog. You have to follow a consistent schedule to train your dog. It was just a simple thing when you used to do that. You can train your dog daily to follow commands like sit and stay. Make sure that you are not doing things that your dog may confuse. Follow one set of commands and practice that with your dog. That will make it easier for them to understand things and train well.

2.3: Patience and Understanding

Since you are dealing with a stubborn dog, the most important thing is patience. You need to understand that training takes time, and you have to wait until they get used to that. If you are going to treat them rudely, then they will get more stubborn. So, don’t panic when the dog learns your instructions quickly. Understanding their past experiences and all the factors behind their stubbornness and following effective training techniques will help to train Stubborn Dogs easily.

3. Building a Strong Bond

3.1 Importance of Bonding

Teaching your dog some funny activities will keep it happy and active. But you need to keep good communication with your pet by speaking with it and saying various things. When you build up a good trust between you and your dog, you can easily teach your dog how to follow commands like Sit and Stand up when you ask to do so. Admire even its small signs of progress by hugging. Advise them when they do naughty stuff. Since they get some time to learn things, teach them with loving, kind-hearted words until they get practised and be patient. You’ll understand that training your Stubborn Dogs with love is the key to building a super strong friendship between you and the pet.

3.2: Bonding Activities

To enhance the bond and trust between you and your dog, you can show your love towards them by engaging in various activities with them. You can schedule regular play time to spend with your dog and cuddle them. It may be hard to control Stubborn Dogs in the first few days, but by the time they also get used to playing and cuddling. You can do games like fetching which dogs are more preferred. While making memories, you will be able to create a strong bond and reduce your dog’s stubborn behaviours.

Also, you can make grooming sessions a time to show your love. Combing your dog’s hair, giving them a good bath, and trimming their nails are perfect times to share beautiful moments with your dog. When you spend close time with them, they will understand your love and affection towards them. Definitely, you will be able to convert Stubborn Dogs into lovable companions.

4. Addressing Specific Challenges

4.1: Common Stubborn Dog Challenges

Training Stubborn Dogs is not an easy task, but it is full of exciting and unexpected incidents. Let us explore those common challenges. Leash pulling is one such issue. When you are going for a walk with your dog, sometimes your dog pulls strongly on the leash. You may get panicky with such unexpected behaviours. Another common issue is dogs pretending like they don’t hear what you say and acting as they want on their own. These are some difficult situations you may face when you deal with a stubborn dog.

4.2: Tailored Solutions

Let us see some solutions for those challenges. You can use a belt that prevents leash pulling. Also, you can reward your dog with their favourite snacks like chocolates if they act on the walk nicely and in a good manner. By that time, they will be good companions in walks with you. When they ignore your commands, you can also show them a treat to bring the dog near to you. Try these tips patiently. Though the beginning may be harder, your dog will easily learn everything if you treat it in a good manner.


To sum up, handling Stubborn Dogs needs a combination of patience, understanding, and practical teaching methods. A variety of factors, including breed characteristics, prior experiences, or a lack of training, might contribute to stubborn behaviour. But by understanding these factors, we can create plans for properly handling and training our beloved friends. In this article, we explored how we can reduce their stubborn characteristics through effective training techniques and various bonding activities. Maybe now you have a dog who doesn’t listen to your words, but for sure, your love and commitment can convert your dog into the most reliable companion you meet for a lifetime.

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